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What it is

Mobile polling on an iPhone mQlicker is a powerful Audience Response System (sometimes, in the education context, referred to as a Classroom Response System) which enables a wide range of activities such as mobile polling and mobile surveys for an audience to provide instant responses via mobile devices. An audience in a traditional classroom, conference room or virtual classroom can be given an audience interaction activity to answer multiple choice questions with single or multiple selections, or provide a response in the form of a number or a text message. The responses from the audience can be presented live using a projector for classroom discussion, integrated with PowerPoint or even exported as a spreadsheet for analysis.

How it works

As a presenter, you will use the presenter web application to create and organise your questions. Once you are ready to publish the questions to your audience, all you have to do is click the "Start" button to start an interaction session and instruct your audience to connect to the session in one of three ways:

  • open http://respond.cc in the web browser on their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and then enter the 'session key' for the session, or
  • let your audience scan the session’s QR code using the camera on their mobile device and instantly connect to the session, or
  • distribute the short permalink for the session which opens the session in the same way as the QR code.

You can then use a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet to view live updated results using the results application. Alternatively, you can integrate the display of results directly into your PowerPoint presentation or link directly to the results display with other presentation software.

Full-screen Results Display

Availability and Reliability

  • Scalable multiple load-balanced servers ensuring quick response time and downtime-free software upgrades.
  • Reliable service independently and constantly verified by a third party monitoring service which historically show 99.98% uptime.


For respondents:

  • iPhone, with enhanced support for iOS 4+
  • Android, with enhanced support for OS versions 2.3+
  • BlackBerry phones and PlayBook, with enhanced support for OS versions 6+
  • Windows Phone, with enhanced support for WP8 and later (now available!)
  • Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD (enhanced support)
  • Any other mobile device with a web browser
  • Any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer

For presenters:

  • Presenter application works with any full-featured web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 8+
  • Full-screen results display on:
    • iPhone, iPad or iPod (iOS 5+)
    • Android (OS versions 3+)
    • BlackBerry (OS versions 6+)
    • Windows Phone (OS versions 8+)
    • Any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9+


Registered presenters can login to mQlicker.




Participate using mobile or desktop browsers.