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Mobile Polling with mQlicker

Gathering the opinion of a group of people by posing simple questions and collecting votes can lead to astonishing insights while generating valuable feedback, capturing decisions, promoting engagement and creating interactivity during presentations, classes or even television programs. mQlicker is a free general purpose Audience Response System which lets you conduct mobile polls and mobile surveys to get instant audience feedback. Participants can vote in online polls using any web-enabled device such as PCs, smart phones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Kindle devices.

The rich set of features and general purpose nature of mQlicker makes it truly versatile when creating mobile polls for interactive voting. The online polls created can support anything from a simple question to full mobile surveys and long questionnaires.

Instant Feedback using Interactive Voting

The results gathered from the audience can be displayed back to the audience both via interactive charts using a screen or projector, but also optionally displayed back to the audience on their mobile devices after participating in the online poll. All results collected from the audience are shown in the charts updated through the mQlicker web interface in real-time.

It is sometimes beneficial to allow open-ended responses from the audience, rather than purely asking multiple choice style questions. mQlicker allows voters to supply text messages as part of a mobile poll which a presenter can then visualize to the audience using interactive sticky notes which can be moved and grouped during a discussion.

Connecting to the Online Poll

Each online poll created in mQlicker is assigned a unique link where the votes for the poll are collected. This link can be emailed to collect votes from co workers, customers, website visitors, or pasted into social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The link could even be added to a printed article to connect with readers.

When a poll is to be carried out interactively with an audience during a lecture or presentation, it might not be convenient to distribute a link to the audience. Participants can also vote in the online poll by opening http://respond.cc on their device and then enter the short ‘Session Key’ for the poll.

Poll Different Audiences at Once

One of the powerful features of mQlicker is the ability to generate multiple ‘sessions’ for the same mobile poll. This allows using a single online poll to collect votes or gauge the opinions from multiple different audiences simultaneously. The votes from the different audiences can then be analyzed side-by-side.

Mobile polling on an iPhone Results from a mobile polling session displayed as a bar chart Mobile polling results from a brain storming session, displayed as interactive sticky notes


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