Home of mQlicker, the free Audience Response System for Smartphones, Tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Kindle

Question types

  • multiple choice
    • single selection for questions such as: yes/no, true/false, rate, etc.
    • multiple selections: choose a subset from given options
    • open-ended selection lists with optional text/number field
  • text response for open-ended answers
  • numeric response which allows any number to be entered
  • slide to display text and images to respondents

Question presentation

  • rich formatting of the question instructions
  • images displayed in the question with pinch-to-zoom for touch devices
  • videos from YouTube and media from other sites can be embedded in the question (now available!)
  • group questions into pages
  • display multiple choice options in a predetermined order
  • randomly shuffle the order of options for each respondent in multiple choice questions
  • optional coding of multiple choice options
  • make questions optional for respondents
  • correct answer displayed to respondents after submitting response (coming soon!)


  • unlimited audience size
  • unlimited number of open sessions
  • can be done from any Web/HTML capable device
  • enhanced support for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices
  • easy participation using session key or permalink
  • QR codes for easy distribution of permalinks (now available!)
  • optionally limit respondents to a single response per device for a session
  • secure connections for respondent confidentiality (SSL)
  • guaranteed anonymity for respondents


  • results displayed in PowerPoint slides with live updates (now available!)
  • permalinks to full-screen presentation of results from PowerPoint or other presentation software (now available!)
  • view results on tablet, smart phone or desktop computer
  • displayed as:
    • charts: vertical bar, horizontal bar or pie chart
    • table of responses
    • interactive 'sticky notes'
    • word cloud (now available!)
  • compare results from multiple sessions at once
  • real-time result display
  • optionally let respondents view results after responding
  • automatic marking using individual point weighting of questions (coming soon!)
  • export / download as spreadsheet


  • wide range of languages and spacial characters supported (full Unicode support)
  • no software installation or configuration required


  • WYSIWYG editing of interactions and questions
  • drag and drop between most parts of the administrative user interface
  • powerful search features
  • Question Bank for easy re-use and templating support
  • previews while editing questions in interactions
  • user defined folder structure for organising data


Registered presenters can login to mQlicker.




Participate using mobile or desktop browsers.