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Running audience response sessions with mQlicker

Wherever there is a group of people being addressed, there is a great benefit from getting to know what the audience think, feel, know, want, etc. Under normal circumstances, especially when the audience is large, options for soliciting audience feedback are limited. Usual ways of connecting with the audience through measuring applause levels, getting participants to shout out their feedback or raise hands are time consuming and usually give a voice the most vocal participants. An online Audience Response System, mQlicker is a convenient tool for use in just about any situation where audience response could be beneficial.

Benefits of voting with mQlicker

For an audience response system to be of general purpose and versatile, it has to be: quick to deploy, easy to use when creating audience feedback activities and accessible to diverse audiences in an instant. mQlicker possess all those characteristics.

mQlicker is quick to deploy because all that is required to start working with it is: a modern Web browser and registration; and it would not take more than one minute to complete the registration process.

mQlicker is accessible to practically anybody as it relies on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Kindle devices, to collect the audience responses. Most surveys of mobile devices ownership show that around 90% of people own at least one of those devices. This result has been consistently replicated in most countries in the world.

Supporting interactive entertainment with mQlicker

Imagine a concert in which performers would like to adjust their program to preferences of the audience. mQlicker can be used to quickly set up a list of acts that can be performed and used to collect votes on an act that the audience wants to see next. This audience’s choice would be played next. mQlicker used in this case as a voting system allowing to poll audience preferences during a concert or performance.

Supporting interactive conferecing with mQlicker

In organising and running a conference there are typical questions that organiser and presenters would like to have reliable answers for. Who the participants are and where do they come from? What events do they like and would like to participate in? How did they enjoy particular sessions? What questions might they have for the presenters and the organisers? mQlicker comes here as a very handy tool to do pre-conference surveys, to gauge preferences for conference events, to provide audience interaction activities during conference sessions and to perform attendee satisfaction survey at the close of the conference. mQlicker is a versatile tool that provides all those audience response functions.

Setting up an audience response question An audience response question displayed on an iPhone Results from an audience response session


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